Syntetic Rattan Recommended For Your Furniture

synthetic rattan furniture

Today among the main ingredients of rattan furniture, the most popular and liked by the Lovers of rattan furniture, our customers are synthetic rattan, because it is a lot of advantages compared with other raw materials. And Syntetic Rattan is the most popular rattan furniture, liked and liked by the lovers of rattan furniture compared with other raw materials.

Why Choose Syntetic Rattan Furniture?


MANY reasons people use rattan furniture made from synthetic rattan. Besides the interesting and varied designs, synthetic rattan furniture is also practical. Because it is relatively light, furniture is easy to move around. Practical also in terms of treatment, simply wipe with a damp cloth. So many advantages, of course, make people interested in using it. It’s not hard to get synthetic rattan furniture. Just come to the furniture stores or home furnishing, surely you can find this furniture. Or please contact us, we will assist you in choosing and buying cheap and quality rattan furniture.

Thorough Before Buying Syntetic Rattan Furniture?


Although easy to find, you still have to be careful in choosing. If not, you might get a low quality product. Worse, you get a product with raw materials containing toxins. How to choose synthetic rattan furniture is quite simple. Based on our observations and experience, if you want to buy rattan furniture, see the bottom.


Tips on Choosing Syntetic Rattan?


Note also the webbing links on the framework. The connection technique must be tied one by one. Lots of connections on synthetic rattan furniture using staples or paper staples. This kind of connection will not be able to hold the load so that the fabric easily loose and furniture was quickly damaged.

Finally, choose non-toxic synthetic rattan. There are two types of plastic materials used to make synthetic rattan. Polyethilene and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Polyethylene is a non-toxic material. Another case with PVC plastic. If PVC burns, the smoke is very dangerous because it contains toxins.

To distinguish these two plastic materials is rather difficult. Usually synthetic rattan furniture made from PVC is sold at relatively cheaper prices because it is cheaper than PVC raw materials polyethylene. The most secure way is to buy furniture from a trusted manufacturer so that the quality is guaranteed.


Synthetic Rattan Wicker Products Export Quality and Locals

You can choose some quality products, which we use as raw material we pengengan our products, of course there is no price, the price can adjust according to your pocket budget, depending on the quality of raw materials, among Wicker Syntetic Products we use are:



Make sure and you should really be able to distinguish between the synthetic rattan materials, do not be fooled by the cheap price, but see first the raw materials used, because among the materials products and brands, has a characteristic, has its own quality, and certainly again, have different prices.

How? Ready to shop synthetic rattan furniture? Please Contact us to get a catalog of synthetic products, models, brands and rattan that we use to weave our Products.

For Inqury Email us ; / (+62) 896 3583 6633


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